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Thank you for helping to make our Summer eBundle Bonus on the Fast & Full® Life App a huge success with an all time record of applications submitted in both July and August!  
  This increase in new applications, together with limited access to medical tests for underwriting, has resulted in longer turnaround times than you have typically experienced for underwriting and policy issue. While DynaCare and ExamOne have resumed collection and testing, they have not yet cleared their backlogs due in part to shortages of health professionals in key regions across the country. Both suppliers expect to clear their backlogs by the middle of September.


Empire Life activities to reduce policy issue timelines

We have been working hard to resolve delays while continuing to prioritize the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and business partners. To help clear pending business even faster, we began hiring additional staff on August 31.  
  We appreciate the support and patience you have shown during this unprecedented time, and indeed many of you have asked what you can do help expedite things.


Advisor Tips to reduce policy issue timelines


1-Sep-08-2020-05-47-19-91-PMUse the Fast & Full Life App with the eHQ feature

  We know that most of you are using Fast & Full to submit applications today. Did you know that if you use the electronic health questionnaire (eHQ) instead of scheduling a personal health interview you can improve time to issue? eHQ allows you to settle apps quicker, earn more commission and get paid faster.  
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Earn up to 20% more commissionhand-icon


We encourage you to take advantage of our Summer Bonus offer and earn up to 20% more commission (vs. Paper) when you select both the eHQ and ePolicy Delivery options.

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2-Sep-08-2020-05-51-08-78-PMUse the My Advisor Dashboard to see the status of your submitted application

  Did you know that your personalized advisor portal has real-time status of your pending new business applications that uses the same data feed that our customer service representatives use to inquire when you call our customer service agents? If you haven’t tried it or haven’t tried it in a while, we encourage you check it out and save time by not calling in for a status inquiry..  
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3-Sep-08-2020-05-52-19-64-PMOnly put critical information in the “Issue Instructions” at the end of the Fast & Full Life App


Unless you have a material fact that was not disclosed or covered in a previous question, please leave this section blank or the application may be delayed, designated not in good order (NIGO) or referred to underwriting.

In other words, if your client is healthy, do not make any comments in this section to better your chance for straight through processing and to generally avoid additional delays.


Thank you for continuing to put your trust in Empire Life. We look forward to sharing updates on the progress we are making to restore service times to pre-pandemic levels. We will continue to post all COVID-19 Advisor Updates to our dedicated web page.

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