For a limited time, we’re increasing the 2019 annual Income Base Bonus on Class Plus 3.0 from 4% to 5%!
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 Class Plus 3.0 RRSP & video case study

6 in 10 pre-retirees want guaranteed income for life – it’s the number one feature they want in a financial product.1

When your clients invest in Class Plus 3.0, they are guaranteed to receive a predictable monthly income that is guaranteed for as long as they live.2 It is always protected from market downturns and it will continue even if the value of their investment goes to zero. Our RRSP video and case study can help demonstrate to clients how Class Plus 3.0 may benefit their financial situation.

 Class Plus 3.0 RRSP video

Class Plus 3.0 RRSP Video

  • Client friendly and easy to understand
  • Shows how client can meet goals despite market volatility
  • Share with clients to start conversation about guaranteed income

Class Plus 3.0 RRSP Case Study

Class Plus 3.0 RRSP Case Study

  • Complement to video
  • Reinforces and builds on information presented in video
  • Good to leave behind with clients

Limited Time Offer!

Now get a 5% Annual Income Base Bonus with Class Plus 3.0

For a limited time, we’re increasing the 2019 annual Income Base Bonus on Class Plus 3.0 from 4% to 5%!3 The 5% annual Income Base Bonus – not pro-rated - will be applied to ALL eligible new and existing Class Plus 3.0 contracts. The higher Annual Income Base Bonus4 of 5% builds even more income potential for your Class Plus 3.0 clients. Offer ends December 31, 2019. Learn more >

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1 LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute Ready, Set, Retire? Not So Fast! … Revisited 2014. 2 Making an Excess Withdrawal may decrease the guaranteed retirement income for life amount. 3 Applies only to contracts from which no withdrawals are made in 2019. Offer ends December 31, 2019. Annual Income Base Bonus returns to 4% in 2020 for all qualifying contracts, regardless of the Income Base Bonus in place at the time of contract issuance. 4 The Income Base Bonus is credited in years that there are no withdrawals from Class Plus 3.0 for the first 20 calendar years you own Class Plus 3.0. It is a notional amount and has no cash value.  

A description of the key features of the individual variable insurance contract is contained in the Class Plus 3.0 Information Folder. Any amount that is allocated to a Segregated Fund is invested at the risk of the contract owner and may increase or decrease in value.