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September 17, 2020
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TRIIPSS Webinar: Beneficiary Blow-ups 
Focusing on Investments

Short-sighted estate planning can have unintended consequences; you need to consider the bigger picture with regard to probate, naming beneficiaries and setting up trusts.

Peter Wouters will cover estate planning issues with a focus on investments. He will use case studies - many from the courts - to highlight strategies and pitfalls where beneficiary designations may be overridden. He will also show how to successfully structure your conversations with other professionals through the planning and review processes..

  • Date: September 24, 2020
  • Time: 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. ET
  • CE credits: Eligible.

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Tips for faster life insurance underwriting 

As communicated last week, we have received record numbers of new life applications via Fast & Full over the past few months. While we continue to add new members to our Operations teams, there are still some things you can do to speed up your Fast & Full life applications:

  1. Only put critical information in the “Issue Instructions” at the end of the Fast & Full Life App. This field automatically flags the policy for a second look by an Empire Service Representative, and may cause delays. If there is information important to the application that you wish to add please send an email quoting the policy number to
  2. To link applications in Fast & Full, please send an email to and indicate which policy numbers should be linked.
  3. Include the policy number on all correspondence and only send correspondence regarding that policy in the email (i.e. do not email the settling requirements for multiple policies in one email).

Thank you in advance for your continued cooperation. To see the full list of tips, please click on the button below.

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Now Available: Quarterly performance report for participating life insurance plans 

Consistent returns with a conservative investment approach have made the Empire Life participating plans very successful over the years. It is also why we have never failed to pay a dividend in the history of offering this type of insurance. Our dividend scales are guaranteed never to fall below zero percent and any dividend, once paid, cannot be taken back.

The Summer 2020 report is now available for download.

Download the report

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Third Party Payor option on the Fast & Full Life App means greater payment flexibility for clients

Payment options on the Fast & Full Life App are now even more flexible and convenient. Now clients have the option for a third party to pay for the policy. This will be particularly useful for corporately owned policies and juvenile cases where a grandparent is the payor.

Paying by third party is now simple and convenient. If paying at issue, remember to have the payor’s banking information on hand to avoid delays.

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Reminder to complete that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Exposure Questionnaire

On April 9, 2020, Empire Life added 7 additional underwriting questions for all applicants of life and health insurance applications to complete due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These questions have been added to the application process for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic and are integrated into the Fast and Full® Life App process.

As a reminder, for paper applications, please download the COVID-19 questionnaire and submit with the rest of the paper documents.

Download the questionnaire

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Lifting holds on rated life insurance plans

To enable more customers to enjoy the full benefit of their life insurance coverage immediately, beginning September 1, 2020, we will no longer hold rated offers for 10 business days before issuing the policy (excludes Participating policies with an Enhanced dividend option).

Updates to the plan and/or amounts can still be made by contacting Customer Service at 1 800 561-1268 or by emailing

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Ian Insight 2

From the Desk of the CIO: What's (G)old is New(s) again

Ian Hardacre takes a look at the price fluctuations of gold year to date. Ian also discusses why gold mining companies might provide diversification benefits to the overall portfolio in the current pandemic environment.

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comp your way

Compensation done your way with Empire Life Guaranteed Investment Funds!

Empire Life supports your business needs. With Empire Life Guaranteed Investment Funds, we offer flexible fee options including Front End, Low Load, No Load, DSC and F-Class.

  • Automatic GIF trailer commission bump-up on DSC, Low Load and No Loadafter the schedule expires
  • No Load purchase option allows up to 10% (20% for RRIF) Chargeback Free withdrawals per year, within the first three years of the deposit
  • Enhanced trailers with Emblem GIF Portfolios, our tactically managed packaged program
  • Combine purchase fee options within the same contract: Front End/No Load/DSC or No Load/Low Load.

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Earn up to an extra 15% commission with
Empire Life GIF

Until December 31, 2020, Empire Life Guaranteed Investment Fund (GIF) paper and digital deposits will earn an extra 10% commission.

This includes GIF applications using the Fast & Full Investment App, Fundserv deposits via Wire Order, additional GIF deposits processed through the Empire Life My Advisor Dashboard, Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD), paper applications and deposits. Empire Life GIF digital deposits will earn an additional extra 5% commission bonus.

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Funds Advisor


Empire Life fixed income funds can bring balance and resiliency to your clients’ portfolios

In a world of uncertainty and record-low yields, how should investors approach fixed income? Discover how Empire Life’s fixed income funds - Empire Life Bond GIF, Empire Life Short-Term High Income GIF, and Empire Life Strategic Corp Bond GIF - can bring balance and resiliency to your clients’ portfolios

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Help us grow our team!

We're looking for experienced bilingual Underwriters to join our team.

Our talented employees are the heart of our success. Do you know someone who could make a difference for our customers? We offer an environment that encourages the pursuit of personal and professional success.

We acknowledge and reward talent, and support our employees in achieving and exceeding individual and organizational goals. If you have any contacts who might be interested, please share our job posting. Thank you for your support.

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