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Phase 1 - "Buy Now" referral buttons available

Buy Now buttonBy adding a “Buy Now” referral button on your website, consumers can complete a needs analysis, access product information, obtain a quote and complete an online application for Empire Life Simplified 10 or Simplified 20 term life insurance without an advisor. We look after tracking your website referrals, and once an online purchase has been approved*, you are eligible for a Referral Fee and may become the servicing advisor.


GoEmpire_SalesAideSITEDon’t have a website? Don’t worry. We can help you! 
Phase 2 – Build an advisor website with a “Buy Now” referral button

We will provide access to advisor web storefront templates to help you easily build your own website. All you need to do is register, sign our web linking agreement, and provide your photo and bio!

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*“approval” requires submission of a properly completed application for Empire Life Simplified 10 or Simplified 20 term life insurance, payment of the initial premium and no change in insurability, misrepresentation or non-disclosure. Referral fee is subject to the terms of the web linking agreement.