Empire Life Multi-Strategy GIFs

Empire Life Multi-Strategy GIFs provide exposure to both actively managed investments from third-party managers and passive strategies through exchange traded funds (ETFs) within one segregated fund solution. Instant diversification through multiple investment styles may reduce risk and provide more consistent returns, while tactical management takes advantage of market opportunities.

Why choose Empire Life Multi-Strategy GIFs?

1. Diversification
2. Tactical management
3. Focus on risk management
4. Built for downside protection
5. Expert oversight
6. Complementary
7. Choice
Multi-Strategy GIFs Resources
Empire Life Multi-Strategy GIFs Advisor brochure (INV-2601)
Empire Life Multi-Strategy GIFs Client brochure (INV-2608)
Empire Life Multi-Strategy GIFs Fund Manager Q&A (INV-2614)
Fund Manager Bio
Empire Life GIF Product Summary (INV-932)

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