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Empire Life CI Protect - Critical Illness Insurance Made Simple, Fast & Easy
HeartSimple design—covers 4 major illnesses with highly affordable rates
TimerFast application process—available online in Fast & Full or paper applications
ClipboardEasy to apply—uses Life underwriting with no traditional critical illness underwriting requirements

Empire Life CI Protect 
Product Highlights

Loud speaker 88%
of paid CI claims are for the 4 most common critical illnesses


Munich Re 2014 Individual Insurance Survey

Issue ages (nearest) 
18 to 65

Coverage Amount 
$25,000 to $75,000

Covered Conditions
- Cancer
- Heart attack
- Stroke
- Coronary artery bypass surgery

- 10-year renewable term to age 75
- Initial & renewal premiums guaranteed in the contract

Coverage Type 
Single life

UW classifications
Standard classes:
- Non-smoker
- Smoker

Built-in benefit
Upon claims approval, a lump sum death benefit of $1,000 if insured dies from any cause before becoming eligible for the critical illness benefit

Doctor and patient

Checklist.pngHow can your clients qualify for
Empire Life CI Protect?

1. Life insured’s biological mother, father, sister(s), or brother(s) have NOT been diagnosed before their 60th birthday with cancer, heart attack, coronary artery disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, Huntington’s disease or Parkinson’s disease; and

2. Life insured is considered as a standard risk for life and has not been declined or rated for our Vital Link critical illness insurance

Check out our affordable Empire Life CI Protect rates on LifeGuide and see how critical illness insurance can make sense even with a limited budget.
The chance of your clients being diagnosed with a critical illness is higher than they may realize. Talk to your clients today about Empire Life CI Protect.

Contact your Account Executive or call our Sales Centre Team at 1-866-894-6182 or by email at salescentre@empire.ca and they will be happy to answer your questions and share the news about this new product offering from Empire Life.

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