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Advisors will be able to earn up to 15% or 20% more first year commission (FYC)1 as compared to paper applications when they submit Life and Health insurance applications electronically using the Fast & Full Life App and clients select the Electronic Health Questionnaire (eHQ) and the eContract Delivery options.


There has never been a better time to use the Fast & Full Life App.

With fully-integrated screen sharing software, non-face-to-face client meetings are simple, fast and easy. Plus our eHQ and eContract Delivery options are more convenient for clients and now earn you even more bonus commission.

The Fast & Full Life App. is FAST —
5 days vs. 21 days for paper applications2
while reducing printing and delivery costs.

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For advisor use only
1 Additional FYC is bonusable. Available on all life insurance products and applications using the Fast and Full Life Application. This promotion can be withdrawn by Empire Life at any time.
2 Time to issue for Fast & Full Life Applications using eHQ auto-approval and eContract Delivery with a valid email address vs. paper applications, January to June 2020 - Empire data on file.
®/ Trademarks of The Empire Life Insurance Company.