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Until September 30th, 2023, earn 15% or 20% more FYC1 on life and health products when you submit the application electronically using the Fast & Full® Life App and clients select and complete the Electronic Health Questionnaire (eHQ) and choose and receive eContract Delivery as compared to submitting paper applications and receiving a paper contract.

Advisors will still earn 10% more FYC when a Fast & Full Life App is submitted vs. paper and can now earn up to an additional 5% FYC for participating whole life products or an additional 10% FYC for all other life and health products when both the eHQ and the eContract Delivery options are selected in the Fast & Full Life App and the contract is delivered electronically.

Commission schedule details:

Product FYC Rates
Paper Fast & Full Life App Bonus Program
Fast & Full  Fast & Full with eHQ & eContract
Solution 10®, Solution 15™ & Solution 20® 45% 50% 55% 
Solution 25® 47.5%  52.5% 57% 
Solution 30® & Solution 100®  50% 55% 60%
Solution ART®  25% 27.5% 30%
Guaranteed Life Protect™  35%  38.5%  42%
CI Protect® & CI Protect Plus®  45%  50%  55%
Empire Life Disability Credit Protect Rider™  35%  38.5%  42%
EstateMax® & Optimax Wealth® Life Pay & 20 Pay  50%  55%  57.5%
EstateMax & Optimax Wealth 10 Pay  35%  38.5%  40%
EstateMax & Optimax Wealth 8 Pay  25% 27.5%  29%
Additional benefits (bonuses do not apply)  70% 70%   70%

Corporate Owners

Please note that policies with corporate owners are not eligible for eContract Delivery and therefore are not eligible for this promotion.



BONUS FYC % increase for
Fast & Full with eHQ
and eContract
vs. Paper








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eVision builds off the success of our desktop Envision illustrator with added new features and provides an improved, modern design. Not only will you have access to all the same familiar capabilities that you’ve come to expect from Envision, but now we’ve made it easier to launch new products and introduce new capabilities.

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1 The additional FYC qualifies for bonuses. Available on all life and health insurance products in contracts issued based on applications submitted using the Fast & Full Life App. This promotion can be withdrawn by Empire Life at any time.

®/ Trademarks of The Empire Life Insurance Company.