Introducing the NEW Empire Life Growth & Loyalty Bonus!

Beginning January 1, 2024, advisors can take part in our NEW Empire Life advisor insurance bonus program, the Growth & Loyalty Bonus that allows you to get rewarded in two ways: for growth and for loyalty. We will pay a bonus calculated on net annualized first year commission1 (FYC) of between 5% to 25% to qualifying advisors. 

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Get rewarded for growth

And get rewarded for loyalty!

How does it work?

It's simple. There are two ways for advisors to get rewarded with this new bonus: 

    • Get rewarded for growth: Achieve tiered levels of sales growth in a calendar year and get rewarded with a growth bonus that increases at each tier. At the end of each calendar year, net annualized FYC earned by an advisor above $2,500 will be used to calculate your growth bonus.

    • Get rewarded for loyalty: The bonus will increase incrementally for each consecutive year for which an advisor qualifies, up to year 4.

    The percentage for these rewards is determined according to the table below:
  • Program details:


    (based on net annualized

    FYC earned)

    Program Year

    (based on number of consecutive calendar years2 that the

    minimum eligibility criteria are met)

    Year 1

    Year 2

    Year 3

    Year 4+

    $2,500 - $4,999 FYC

    5%  7.5%



    $5,000 - $9,999 FYC

     10% 12.5%



    $10,000 - $19,999 FYC 

     12.5% 15%



    $20,000 + FYC

     15% 20%




PLUS, the Fast & Full Life App Digital Bonus Program continues in 2024!

fast-and-full-desktop-banner-enUntil December 31st, 2024, advisors can continue to earn up to 10% more first year commission (FYC)3 on life and health insurance policies when you submit the application electronically using the Fast & Full® Life App vs. using paper applications.


Fast & Full Life App commission schedule details:

Product FYC Rates
Paper Fast & Full Life App Bonus Program
Approx. FYC % increase for Fast & Full vs. Paper
Fast & Full
Solution 10®, Solution 15™ & Solution 20® 45% 50% +10%
Solution 25® 47.5%  52.5%
Solution 30®  50% 55%
Solution 100®  55% 60%
Solution ART®  25% 27.5%
Term to 100 50% 55%
Guaranteed Life Protect™  35%  38.5%
CI Protect® & CI Protect Plus®  45%  50%
Empire Life Disability Credit Protect Rider™  35%  38.5%
EstateMax® & Optimax Wealth® Life Pay & 20 Pay  50%  55%
EstateMax & Optimax Wealth 10 Pay  35%  38.5%
Optimax Wealth 8 Pay  25% 27.5%
Additional benefits (bonuses do not apply)  70% 70%   

 Empire Life reserves the right to amend terms or conditions of these bonus programs or to terminate them at any time and without prior notice.

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Information Circular




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Want to learn more? Speak to your sales representative or contact our Sales Centre at 1 866 894-6182 for more information.

1 The bonus is calculated for all sales earned over the $2,500 FYC qualification level.

2 In each calendar year that the advisor meets the minimum eligibility criteria, the advisor will advance one Program Year until the advisor reaches Program Year 4.

3 The additional FYC qualifies for bonuses. Available on all life and health insurance products in contracts issued based on applications submitted using the Fast & Full Life App.

®/ Trademarks of The Empire Life Insurance Company.