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New rates now available on Fast & Full and Envision illustration software!

userexperienceiconEmpire Life is pleased to announce that the new initial term premium rates on our flexible Solution Series term life insurance products are now available on the Fast & Full Life App and our Envision illustration software.

Get Envision 13.0

The new rates significantly improve Empire Life’s overall competitive positioning in the key target ages of 25-50, moving us to an overall average of #2 in the marketplace against over 20 comparable products and results in Empire Life achieving a top 3 rankings for 100% of age, premium bandings and gender scenarios!1 


See the improved rankings for yourself
in key target scenarios:

Solution 10-EN
Solution 20-EN
Solution 25-EN
Solution 30

Please review the Information Circular for details and find updated sales aids and marketing material on our website:

Information Circular     Visit Website

Permanent changes to Non-Medical underwriting limits

Earlier this year we made our temporary $2,000,000 non-medical underwriting limit for life insureds aged 18 to 50 permanent. We are pleased to announce that we have now made our other non-medical temporary limits permanent!

Life insurance:

  • Ages 51 to 55: up to $300,000
  • Ages 56 to 60 up to $249,999 (was $300,000 as a temporary Covid-19 measure)
  • Ages 61 to 70: up to and including $99,999 will require a PHI only
  • Ages 71+: standard UW requirements apply (e.g. PHI & Vitals, BP)

Critical illness insurance:

  • Ages 18 to 40: up to $250,000
  • Ages 41 to 50: up to $99,999
  • Ages 51+: standard UW requirements apply (e.g. PHI & Vitals, BP)

Please see the Information Circular for details and don't forget to check out our newly-updated field underwriting guide:

Information Circular    

Underwriting Guide

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1 Expected premium rankings are based on the proposed new annual premiums for first 10 years for Solution 10, for first 20 years for Solution 20, the first 25 years of Solution 25 and first 30 years for Solution 30 comparing the annual premiums quoted on LifeGuide on February 16, 2022 for the initial premiums of 20 other comparable 10-year, 21 other comparable 20-year, 13 other comparable 25-year, and 19 other comparable 30-year renewable term products, for the gender, ages, coverage amounts and risk class shown.


The information in this document is for general information purposes only and is subject to change without prior notice. Empire Life assumes no responsibility for any reliance made on or any inaccuracy in the information contained in this document.

Policies are issued by The Empire Life Insurance Company.


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